With proper planning, a greater amount of the resources God has entrusted to you can be passed on to your family, your church and other ministries you care about. Some should consider trusts and other more complex instruments, while others can achieve their plans using different methods. You may be interested in gifts that pay income to you for the rest of your life such as charitable gift annuity or charitable trusts. There are outright gifts and also gifts from your estate plan that cost you nothing.

The Southern Baptist Foundations offer a full range of estate planning services to assist Believers in providing for their families and making gifts to Christian organizations either during one’s lifetime or by will. Nothing gives us greater joy than helping individuals and families discern the purposes and goals God has laid on their hearts, than developing a plan to fulfill those goals.

On a purely pragmatic level, the value of estate planning is clear in avoiding or minimizing taxes, and planning the most efficient way of achieving your family’s financial goals. In the absence of an estate plan, all of these decisions come under the authority of federal and local state governments. Believers have a compelling reason to consider estate planning because God instructs us to be wise stewards. With proper planning, we can direct more resources to the ministries we love and help advance the Kingdom.

Trust Administration

Most funds placed in the Foundation by individuals are done so to achieve specific ministry intent. Distinct records maintain the integrity of each gift and, at any time, a donor can confirm their desired intentions are being honored.

  • Expertise in managing gift annuities, charitable trusts and pooled income funds
  • Administration of gift annuity programs, charitable remainder and lead trusts, and pooled income funds
  • Assist with state-required filings and regulation of charitable gift annuity programs


  • Equity, balanced or fixed income portfolio management
  • Short-Term Cash management
  • Consistent investment performance measured against market benchmarks
  • Assistance in developing investment guidelines and objectives

Social Screening of Investments

Investment funds are carefully monitored to ensure that they are placed only in companies and investments that do not conflict with conservative values and a biblical testimony.

Tax Services

  • Preparation and filing of appropriate fiduciary tax returns
  • Distribution of tax information to income beneficiaries
  • Administrative and management services for complex gifts of real estate and closely held stock

Accounting Services

  • Detail accounting reports
  • Fund accounting
  • On-line reporting and access to account information

Fiduciary Services

  • Trustee
  • Agent
  • Donor Advised Fund
  • Endowment Administration
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