The Southern Baptist Foundation is committed to advancing God’s Kingdom by providing low cost, high impact investing that supports Christian ministries. Our industry experts provide trustworthy guidance to aid investors in navigating today’s complex market environment and achieve their financial goals with confidence and success.

We are a long-term, values-based, and socially responsible investor that strives to maximize growth and reduce risk while delivering superior investment solutions. We make it easy to invest in a biblically responsible manner.

As a client of the Southern Baptist Foundation, you will receive outstanding service and personal attention dedicated to building a relationship that will last. We offer our clients:

  • High impact biblically responsible investing that supports Christian ministries
  • Professional asset-management solutions
  • Transparency through effective communication, collaboration, and cooperation
  • Affordability and liquidity across funds that provide peace of mind, protection, and convenience
  • Low risk and no alternative investments for superior long-term results
  • Undivided loyalty and respect as we work together to make an impact for the Kingdom

Below you’ll find some of the funds within our portfolio. However, we are not limited to those funds alone. Contact us to explore a different approach or for our investment performance.

Enhanced Cash Fund

The Enhanced Cash Fund lets you earn an attractive return while keeping deposits safe. With FDIC protection, the fund provides peace of mind, protection, and convenience of daily liquidity. The funds are invested in top quality certificates of deposits and various money market fund accounts.

Short-Term Investment Pool

The Short-term Investment Pool is maintained to facilitate the management of funds for various accounts and provide liquidity for permanent investment and withdrawal requests. The funds are invested in top quality certificates of deposit, commercial paper rated A1/P1, corporate bonds and money market funds and provide for daily liquidity.

Income Fund

The Income Fund is provided to offer a reasonable income with lower risk, lower duration, and only the highest quality investments. Preservation of principal is accomplished through investments in U.S. Treasury direct obligations and guaranteed instruments, high quality corporate bonds, and funding agreements of the highest rated commercial insurance companies. The Investment Policy requires all holdings of the Income Fund to be investment grade by either Moody’s, S&P or Fitch.

Flexible Income Fund

The Flexible Income Fund is provided to offer maximum income with some potential for growth of principal. The Fund is more aggressively managed than the Income Fund and has more market fluctuation. The assets of the fund include U.S. Treasury obligations, and high quality corporate bonds, and an enhanced bond strategy program. The Investment Policy requires all holdings of the Flexible Income Fund to be investment grade by either Moody’s, S&P, or Fitch.

Balanced Fund

The Balanced Fund is provided to offer diversification for accounts with long term objectives. Assets of this fund include high quality fixed income instruments, common stocks and cash equivalents with an approximate allocation of 50% equities and 50% Flexible Income Fund.

Equity Fund

The Equity Fund is maintained to provide participation in long-term appreciation of assets through ownership in common stocks of high quality, large capitalized growth companies, which are proven leaders in their industries. Growth is the main objective of this fund with only secondary consideration of income. The Equity Fund owns different investment styles (i.e., core, value, and growth) depending upon current market opportunities. This fund is comprised of individual holdings (not mutual funds) and is 100% screened for acceptability.

Custom Fund Options

Looking For a Different Type of Fund? We’re Happy to Help.
It is our privilege to work with you to find the unique fund that fits your needs. Please reach out to us if you are unsure which fund is right for you, or if you’d prefer a custom fund that is tailored just for you.

Looking for a different type of fund? We would be honored to work with you to find the fund that meets your goals.

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