To advance the mission of your organization, we offer a full range of investment services. Your objectives are supported by a dedicated team of fiduciary specialists, relationship managers, investment consultants, portfolio managers, attorneys and accountants with years of experience in long-term institutional investing.


Our investment pools reflect our commitment to creating an investment environment that focuses primarily on capital preservation.

We seek to generate investment returns in ways that reflect very low tolerance for capital losses and are delighted that our lower-risk approach to portfolio construction continues to deliver superior long-term investment results.


Services for Individuals and Families

To meet your goals, we offer a wide array of services including asset management and charitable gift planning. With proper planning, a greater amount of the resources God has entrusted to you can be passed on to your family, church, and the ministries you love. Our legal and financial experts will help you create a plan that meets your legacy objectives.


Services for Organizations, Churches and Ministries

The Foundation provides prudent, socially-screened investment services to Christian entities. This includes full-service management of endowments and other investment instruments while providing complete tax accounting services.


Resources, Seminars and Teaching

The Foundation assists churches and other ministry organizations in advancing the call to Biblical stewardship. Our staff regularly makes presentations on an array of stewardship topics.

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