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Biblical Seminars, Teaching and Training Resources

Outreach: Seminars and Consulting Support

Our staff regularly makes presentations to conferences, ministries and church groups on an array of stewardship topics.  Please contact us to explore this further. 

The Foundation also assists churches and other ministries in advancing the call to biblical stewardship.  Our vision is to see an unparalleled movement of biblical generosity, releasing believers into the joy of obedience, stimulating and funding the advancement of the Kingdom.  Please contact us so we can more fully understand your goals, and map out a plan for your ministry.


Online Resources and E-Newsletters on Financial and Estate Planning

The Southern Baptist Foundation has an impressive array of estate planning tools and information. A "news desk" offers current, breaking information on legislation and its impact on financial planning.

This includes two Resource Rooms - one that caters more to financial professionals and a second that is stated in more simple language.

  • To review the online resources for financial professionals, click go to.
  • To review the online resources, click go to.

A Survivor's Guide: Organizing Your Life - After the Loss. This booklet was written by Brenda B. McCollum, J.D., Director of the Florida Baptist Convention's Office of Strategic Endowment, and adapted for use in My Legacy of Faith.  This is an extremely practical guide that will help those who have lost a spouse or loved one in financial and practical considerations.  We are offering this resource in two formats.

Click go to here to download the complete brochure.

Click go to here to download the two-page checklist included within the brochure.

Caring for a Loved One's Estate: Serving as a Personal Representative.  This booklet was written by the Baptist Foundation of Oklahoma, and adapted for use by My Legacy of Faith.  This is a practical guide for persons named as a Personal Representative (sometimes called and "Executor") in an estate.  Click go to to begin download.


Resources for Individuals and Families, and for Pastors and Churches

The Southern Baptist Foundation is an enthusiastic advocate of the "My Legacy of Faith" informational intiative advancing biblical "whole life stewardship."  The MLOF website has a complete section creating awareness of stewardship resources.  This include links to sermon databases and a wide array of other materials that would be helpful for pastors and churches.

To visit the resource list designed for Individuals and Families, click go to.

To visit the resource list designed for Pastors and Churches, click go to.