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A will allows you to state how you want your property (estate) distributed, name an Executor (also called a Personal Representative) to distribute your property, pay debts and taxes, handle other business affairs to settle your estate, name a Guardian for your minor children, provide for your favorite ministries and set up trust funds. Having a will speeds up the process of distributing your property after your death and can save expenses. Without a will, state laws dictate who receives your property, who serves as Administrator (the name usually given to a court-appointed Executor) to settle your estate and who serves as Guardian for your minor children. Furthermore, without a will, there is no charitable bequest to your favorite charity. State laws are strict and rigid and rarely match what you would want to happen. Furthermore, without a will, your estate costs are likely to be much higher. There are many cases in which a person saved a few hundred dollars by not signing a valid will, and the estate then spent tens of thousands of dollars to settle disputes and distribute the property.