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The most important piece of stewardship anyone should consider is stewarding their soul.  And that can be fully addressed through a saving relationship with Jesus Christ.  If that is something you would want more information about, please click go to.

The second more important piece of stewardship for a believer is passing along their faith to their family and people they know. That testimony can be confirmed in many ways, including capturing the story of their spirtual journey in writing.  We have provided a tool to help you with that.  Click go to if you would like to review that tool.

As it concerns planning your estate, there are basic components every person should have in place.  Those components include the following:

  • A Will
  • A Durable Power of Attorney with Health Care Directives
  • A Living Will
  • A Living Trust
  • An Electronic Will
  • A Legacy Will

To be connected to a complete explaination of these components, click go to.